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Christmas shopping in Bridport

Today I walked down from Fishpond Bottom to Morecombelake where I picked up the X53 coastal bus to Bridport for some Christmas shopping. Bridport still has an attractive high street for a small rural town. After finishing shopping I headed back along the coast to Charmouth before returning inland to Fishpond Bottom. In the evening I enjoyed a brisk return walk under a beautiful clear sky to the Bottle Inn at Marshwood.

Electric Unicycling at Lyme Regis and Honiton Skate Parks

A quick electric unicycling video that I made whilst down visiting family South West England this week. Lyme Regis skate park (located in the corner of the Charmouth Road car park) has just opened and is perfect for electric unicycling – definitely worth a visit if anyone’s passing that way. There’s also some amazing off road trails/ridgways in the area that will be fantastic in the summer months once the pathways has dried out a little. Honiton skate park is less suited for electric unicycling but was still great fun to visit.

Ninebot One | Lyme Regis Skate Park

Today I headed down to visit family in Dorset. After arriving on the train in to Axminster I headed straight down to Lyme Regis to go and visit the brand new Skate Park which is located in the corner of the Charmouth Road Car Park. Young people in Lyme Regis had been campaigning to have a skate park built in the time for the last forty years. Hopefully the park will last a few years – it’s pretty close to cliffs that suffer landslips, although the council have recently completed a multimillion pound stabilisation works. For a small rural town the Skate park is very impressive with a very high quality finish and great fun to ride with an electric unicycle.  All of the ramps and slopes can be ridden with a EUC. The local skaters are very friendly – on a dry day expect the park to get pretty busy once school has finished, and even busier during the school holidays. It was kind of surreal to see a skate park without any graffiti. The Skate Park was designed by Wheelscape.

Video of session:

Lyme Regis Skate Park

Lyme Regis Skate Park

Lyme Regis Skate Park

Lyme Regis Skate Park

Back to the Pond

Last Weekend I headed down for a long weekend in Fishpond Bottom to visit my parents and my brother’s family.
On Sunday I went down to Lyme Regis to have a look at the land stabilisation works and new sea wall along East Cliff. There is a pleasant view from the path along the top of the sea wall out towards Charmouth and Golden Cap an additional benefit is that the beach at the end of the sea wall is now accessible. I walked along the beach all the way to Charmouth to have another look at the Mouth of the Char which had previously shifted eastwards during a major storm. Although the outflow was now directly in front of the mouth again, the beachfront Cafe looked to be in a perilous situation requiring urgent remedial attention. After spending a couple of hours in light winds on Charmouth Beach I walked back inland to Fishpond Bottom. I returned to London on the Monday.

The Mouth of the Char

This weekend we headed down to Dorset to visit my parents and catch up with my brother and sister’s families, as well as enjoy an obligatory drink at the Bottle Inn.  It was interesting to see how a recent storm had dramatically altered the mouth of the Char river placing the beachfront cafe in what looks to be a rather difficult position.

Folding Kayak Adventures: Budeligh Salterton to Charmouth

Day 11: With the sound of my alarm which I had set for 4am still ringing in my ears, I quickly packed up and headed off into the breaking dawn of what was to become a very hot and still day. The paddle along the coast to Beer Head seemed to take forever – once the sun was up it was hard going as there was no wind nor wave. I stopped briefly at Beer for a drink and ice cream. I had forgotten how steep the beach at Beer was, although this was not a problem under the day’s conditions. A sizeable flotilla of sail boats were out from Seaton; all had their sails up but the craft were all stationary due to the absence of wind to fill their sails. In the previous two weeks I had seen more sailboats “motoring” rather than sailing.

Continuing on past Seaton I was now on home territory as I made my way along the Undercliff. Boaters were out in numbers at Lyme Regis from where I headed on to Charmouth where I was met by my parents and Nephews who helped me pack up the boat into the boot of the car.

From Charmouth we headed inland to Fishpond Bottom where I spent several hours cleaning and washing out the sea salt from all parts of the kayak’s frame and skin. After ensuring everything had thoroughly dried, the craft was finally packed away ready for the next adventure.

A Night in the Bluebell Woods

A section of path in Champernhayes Forest

A section of path in Champernhayes Forest

This weekend I headed back down to West Dorset to visit my family and see my sister who is back from Uganda for a couple of months. On Saturday night I packed up my swag and headed out to Champernhayes forest to spend a night in the bluebell woods. This has become an annual event although I have yet to convince anyone to join me! Since moving to London it has taken on extra importance for me to get a break away from the craziness of the “big smoke”. The bluebells have not been the best this year, perhaps due to the adverse weather conditions earlier in the year and also due to forestry operations. It was still wonderful to spend a couple of hours admiring them before the sun went down. The night passed with all the usual obligatory noises and disturbances of a night in the forest and I woke to find a young male deer a couple of metres away. On awakening, I startled him causing him to snort at me to show his annoyance. Sunday was spent down on Weston beach below the Donkey Sanctuary with the family before I returned to London on the train in the evening.

Flooding and Landslips in West Dorset

After a week of wonderful weather in Turkey, I headed down to West Dorset to some of the worst rain in living memory. The road down to Fishpond Bottom was blocked completely by a land slip next to the old quarry. Train services between Exeter St Davids and Sailsbury were unable to run due to a landslip near Honiton (and South West Trains were apparently unable to organise a road replacement service) which meant that I had to get a lift up to Bristol on the Sunday and return to London on the Great Western line.

Landslip on the road down to Fishpond Bottom

West Dorset Bluebells are on their way

Well I am back in West Dorset for the Easter break and have been roaming around the local woodlands in search of the bluebells which is a far cry from life in central London! I can report that the bluebells are certainly on their way but not yet in their full glory. I would expect the real spectacle to peak in around two or three weeks time (dependent on the weather). As usual, Champernhayes Forest looks like it will offer the finest spectacle. For more information please visit the Walks in West Dorset section of my website.

A Week Down In West Dorset

Molly in Champernhayes Forest

On Saturday the 15th of October I headed down to Fishpond Bottom to spend the week at home down in Dorset. I spent the first few days down on the beach with Molly where we participated in several swims in the ocean. The water temperature is beautiful at this time of the year, although you certainly feel the cold in the wind. I probably swallowed a little too much salt water and Molly probably spent too much time retrieving sticks as it took her several hours to stop shivering but we bot thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The rest of the week was spent walking, doing some DIY, and planning my move into the big smoke.

A lovely week – please excuse the rubbish photo that was taken on my phone 🙂


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