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A visit to Fishpond

This weekend we drove down to West Dorset to visit family.

Winter Sun in Lanzarote

Last week we visited Lanzarote for our first overseas holiday with Elias. We stayed at the Sandos Papagayo Beach Resort in Playa Blanca.


A trip up to Cam

Today I headed up the M5 with my brother’s family to visit my sister’s new baby in Cam. Below are a few photographs from the day.

Back to the Pond

William ChurchillAfter a long week back at work I headed back down to Fishpond on Friday evening to spend some time with my family.  On Saturday I walked down to Lyme Regis where I spent the morning relaxing on the beach followed by some lunch in the pub. I then walked along the beach at low tide to Charmouth and then back inland to Fishpond via Champernhayes forest. I headed down to the Bottle Inn in the evening for a couple of drinks – it was empty until the local motorcycle chapter rode in for a disco. On Sunday my brother and his family came over for lunch and afternoon. I headed back down to Charmouth on Monday to make the most of some beautiful late summer sun before heading back to Swindon in the evening.

Another Dog!

DogThis weekend I headed over to the Forest of Dean to visit my sister’s family and meet their new Spaniel puppy whose name is “Sophie”. My nieces absolutely love their new puppy but unfortunately Charlie who is eight years old now is not impressed at all. He growls at the new top dog and is feeling rather left out; I’d never heard him growl at anything before so he must be upset – especially when Sophie tries to take his ball or play with him! I am sure he will get used to having another dog around soon. In the afternoon we headed over to Beechenhurst for a play and a short walk. They had a number of birds of prey on display which were beautiful. In the evening we had a take away curry. I stayed the night before heading back to Swindon in the morning. I had a great weekend although I think I might be coming down with man-flu as I began to feel slightly flu-like this evening.

Rebekah and Tim get Married

Rebekah and Tim KidnerThis weekend I headed back to Dorset for the wedding of my sister Rebekah who has married Tim. Heading back down on Friday afternoon it was great to see all of my family as I had not seen most of them in over two months. After catching up we headed over to the Fairwater hotel for a BBQ and a few drinks. Saturday arrived and the house was full of excitement. As official photographer I tried to get as many photographs beforehand as possible before we all headed down to the tiny church along the road for the service. After the service we got a few more photographs before heading over to the Fairwater Hotel where the reception was to be held. I took some of the group photographs in between the rain showers, and kept taking pictures into the night. Everyone seemed to have a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and evening and I was very pleased with the photographs which I took  – Rebekah and Tim are both very photogenic anyway (which does help). I headed back to Swindon on Sunday evening after a lovely weekend.

Bluebell Woods and Family Fun

This weekend I headed back down to Dorset/Devon for a wonderful weekend in the sunshine. On Saturday morning I headed straight out to Coney’s Castle to enjoy this year’s Bluebell woods spectacle. Later on in the morning my parents and I headed over to Honiton where we joined David and Yvonne in working on their garden. A couple of hours of work saw the garden beginning to take shape. After lunch we headed back to Fishpond where I spent a glorious afternoon sunbathing in the garden. After tea I headed down to the recently reopened Bottle Inn in Marshwood for a couple of pints of San Miguel before making my way back home along the lanes. I am very pleased that the bottle inn has reopened; visiting it when home is more than just a tradition, it’s a necessity!

On returning to the pond I gathered up my newly acquired Swag and made my way up to Lambert’s Castle where I spent the night. I had the most beautiful nights sleep and awoke to the Dawn chorus ringing out over the Marshwood Vale.

On Sunday morning I went with my parents to Uplyme before walking on to Lyme Regis and then along the beach to Charmouth where I went for a swim. I then headed inland to Champernhayes Forest for yet more Bluebells. Sunday afternoon was spent in the garden before returning to Swindon on the train after what was a glorious weekend.

Below are a small selection of photographs from the weekend.

Another weekend down in Devon and Dorset

Yet another trip down to see family in Fishpond and Honiton – this time to celebrate my brother’s birthday.

Tolhurst Family 2009 Christmas Celebrations

The Big Move

David and YvonneSaturday was an early rise – at 06:30 I was up and dismantling the bed that I had slept in the previous night. The ‘man and van’ arrived at 08:00 and we spent the following hour and a half packing as much furniture and boxes into the van as possible. The most difficult items were the sofa and washing machine. Extreme care was required on the slippery steps down from the first floor flat. The drive over to David and Yvonne’s new house in Honiton took about 45 minutes. On arrival we unpacked the van before bring  joined by Rebekah and Tim as well as the parents. We spent the afternoon cleaning and moving the larger items into position as well as enjoying a game of sponge football in the stadium sized conservatory.  In the evening we all enjoyed a well earned pizza and a pint at the Railway gastro-pub. After a morning walk and sunday lunch in Exeter I headed back up to Swindon in the Sunday evening.

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