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Fishpond Winter Wildlife Photographs

I had an enjoyable trip down to the family home at the weekend where I spent time with my parents and of course Molly. On Saturday I walked down to Charmouth via a field with a bull in. Suprisingly, he was the only one in the field that didn’t charge at me (the charge was soon halted as I turned towards the herd and counter-charged towards them).

Another Weekend with Family

Brothers and SistersThis weekend I headed down to the pond for a weekend packed full of family related activity. On Saturday we were joined my Marianne, Holly, Emily and of course Charlie after the dog-napping drama earlier on in the week. David and Yvonne also popped in and we enjoyed a walk up to Coney’s Castle. The wind was blowing a gale and we all enjoeyd attempting to catch the Autumn leaves which rained down from the trees above.
On Sunday morning we headed down to the beach at Charmouth before returning to the pond for Sunday lunch – we were joined by Rebekah and Tim who came down from Bristol.

A Weekend with Family

FlowerThis weekend I headed back to Fishpond to spend some time with my family. Having voluntarily worked last weekend I managed to get off work a couple of hours early which meant I could catch the earlier train. I did the usual zigzag across this green and pleasant land before arriving into Axminster at 19:00. Molly was certainly very pleased to see me, for a few minutes anyway and then predictably she just wanted to share my tea. Whilst home I managed to sort some of my junk in the loft which is always fun. David and Yvonne popped in on Sunday afternoon on the way back from Hampshire. I returned to Swindon on Sunday evening with a busy week of work ahead of me.