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A visit to Kelsey Park

Today we took the tram down to Beckenham to visit Kelsey Park. This is a lovely public park with several interlinked lakes and a really good play area. The lakes are home to several types of ducks and geese as well as Swans and Herons.

Kelsey Park Beckenham

Kelsey Park Beckenham

Chislehurst Caves

Today we took a trip to visit the Chislehurst Caves which are a large system of chalk and flint mines that were dug under Chislehurst. The caves have a fascinating history including during the blitz when fifteen-thousand people took shelter in the thirty five kilometers of tunnels. Entrance was £6 for an hours guided tour which was very good value for an attraction so close to London. After finishing at the caves we headed over to Beckenham for Pizza before walking home.

Paraffin Lamps

Paraffin Lamps

A visit to North Foreland Lighthouse

Today I successfully ticked off another Trinity House lighthouse from my list by visiting North Foreland Lighthouse in Kent. The trip involved taking a two hour train from Bromley South to Broadstairs which is one stop passed Margate.  Broadstairs is linked to several Charles Dicken’s novels and was a favourite haunt of the author. The recently painted lighthouse was the last lighthouse to be automated (in 1998) and today the lighthouse keepers cottages are rented out as holiday homes. I will need to return to get some better photographs as the conditions were unfavourable for photography.

Chatham Historic Dock Revisited

Making the most of my first day off since officially starting working my hours over a nine day fortnight, I spent the day at the historic dockyard. As well as revisiting the historic lifeboat collection and the obligatory tour of HMS Ocelot I enjoyed my first tour of the ropewalk and the WWI exhibition.

Below is an album combining photographs from my 2013 and 2014 visits to Chatham Historic Dock.