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March 2012 Photographs

A few photographs from the month of March 2012.

A visit to Greenwich

A few photographs from a beautiful and lazy Saturday afternoon in Greenwich park. The weekend temperature was a welcome improvement from the sub zero temperatures of recent weeks. I suppose the photographs prove that you can take the boy out of the country side, but you can’t take the countryside out of the boy!

My First Week in London

Well I appear to have survived my first week in London! I have been working between both St Thomas’ and Guy’s Hospitals. I have totally fallen in love with the walk between the two hospitals – Southbank is spectacular, especially at night. It is wonderful to be living so close to so many world-famous landmarks!

A visit to the Occupy London Protest Site

On Sunday I decided to go on a long walk around the city of London to try and get my bearings. In the process, I happened across the Occupy London protest site outside the cathedral of St Paul’s. If I was to have believed what had been printed in certain sections of the press and reported through the BBC, I was expecting to find an obstructive, filthy camp full of abusive drunks. There were certainly a large number of tents but the site was tidy and as far as I could tell there were no problem with access. The protesters were also polite and answered my questions in a coherent manner. I have a great admiration for people who peacefully stand up for what they believe, even if I don’t always agree with their ideology. I believe that the long traditions of peaceful protest in this country should be celebrated rather than criminalised.

The Wedding Reception of Nadia and Ilyas

On Saturday I headed over to Walthamstow Assembly Hall for the wedding reception of my friend Nadia (whom I used to work with in Swindon) and her now husband Ilyas. This was my first time at a big muslim wedding reception and it was wonderful experience. I sat with the Swindon contingent of friends and ex-colleagues. I took a few pictures, although I couldn’t quite get the lighting perfect in the Assembly hall!

London Nightscapes

A Weekend in London

This weekend I headed down to London on the train. Arriving into London Paddington on Saturday morning, I spent a the day wandering around the bustling shopping streets, taking in Oxford Street, Covent Garden and Camden. In the evening I headed across to Seven Sisters where I met up with my friend James. Seven sisters is certainly an interesting place, especially so on the evening of the North London Derby: riot vans and screaming sirens were everywhere. We spent the evening chilling and catching up on the last tow years. On Sunday I headed back in to the city for another wander before meeting up with another friend and heading for the National History Museum to look around the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year exhibition. I returned to Swindon on Sunday evening after a busy weekend in the big smoke.

Meeting Joe Dryburgh in London

Joe DryburghThis Saturday I headed down to London to meet up with my old friend Joe Dryburgh from Australia. I first met Joe when I first stayed in Sarina Beach. Arriving into Paddington I took the tube across to Trafalgar Square where I took some photographs before heading down Whitehall to Westminster Palace. The peace protesters were still camped out on the lawn in front of the palace – it is just a shame that the new government has just as little sense as the last when it comes to its warmongering. Continuing onwards I crossed over the river and walked along Southbank where I got some lovely pictures. I re-crossed the river on the Millennium Bridge before heading across to St Paul’s and then back along the embankment to Charing Cross where I met Joe at the station. We headed down to a pub to catch up over a few pints and talk about the good old days in Sarina Beach. Joe was off to Havana the next morning so we called it a day and headed out of London.

London Photographs

Photographs from my lieu day trip down to London where I headed to Greenwich.

A Trip to Greenwich and Docklands

Canary WharfOn Thursday I had a lieu day to use up so headed down to London for the day. I had been reading about Captain Cook’s journal on my new Kindle e-book so first stop was the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich to check out one of the original journals. I had hoped to get some photographs around the old naval college but unfortunately that wasn’t possible as they were using the place to film the new Pirates of the Caribbean film. It was very interesting to look around the set anyway. Next I headed up the hill to the royal observatory and the Meridian line. I had forgotten what a spectacular view you get of the city from this point! After some lunch I headed down to Docklands where I had a bit of a wander before stopping at a bar and doing some people watching. I wasn’t completely convinced that the people in suits who were drinking in there at half past two on a Thursday afternoon are the people who I’d trust with our nations economy but anyway, I enjoyed my drink and moved on. Next stop was Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street before I headed back to Paddington and back up to Swindon on what is apparently the most expensive rail journey per mile in Europe.

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