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Paralympic Games – Wheelchair Basketball

A few photographs from the Paralympic games Wheelchair Basketball which took place at the North Greenwich (O2) Arena. I hadn’t been to a Wheelchair Basketball match before and found it to be a great spectator sport mixing amazing skill with dramatic crashes. The best match was watching Great Britain team beat Turkey 75-70.

HMS Ocean on Olympics Duty at Greenwich

On Saturday I took the opportunity to walk along the Thames path down to Greenwich to have a look at the amphibious assault ship HMS Ocean who is moored up in the Thames on “Olympics” duty. I started my walk at Canada Water, before heading down to Surrey Water and joining the Thames path. I then took the opportunity to explore Greenland Dock before continuing East until I reached Greenwich where I had a good look at HMS Ocean. From Greenwich I took the passenger tunnel under the Thames over to Poplar, Blackwell and District Rowing Club from where I watched the start of the annual Thames barge driving race. I continued along the opposite Thames path before reaching the Canary Wharf area from where I took the tube back to London Bridge.

Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant

I spent most of Sunday down by the Thames watching the spectacular Diamond Jubilee Pageant. After heading down to London Bridge six hours before the flotilla was due to arrive all of the publicly accessible vantage points had been taken. The stewards were less than helpful giving conflicting advice, or no advice at all. From London Bridge we took the tube up to Sloane Square from where we walked to Chelsea Bridge and along the embankment where we found a suitable spot directly opposite the Peace Pagoda in Battersea park. Three hours later the flotilla began to arrive. By this time the crowds along the bank were around ten people deep. The procession started with a number of floating floating belfry’s, followed by the main flotilla which was led by the rowing barge Gloriana. It took about 45 minutes for all of the 1000 boats of varying ages, shapes and sizes to pass. The main royal party were on board the royal barge “Spirit of Chartwell”. Once the flotilla had passed, the rain began to really threaten so it was time to head back across London to watch the remainder of the events on Television. An amazing once-in-a-lifetime event.

Incognito at the Islington Assembly Hall

On Thursday night I went to see Incognito play at the Islington Assembly Hall. As expected, the performance was awesome; it’s great to be able to see a large experienced band play in this age of short-lived manufactured acts. They played a number of songs off their new album “Surreal”, together with a selection of thier classics and a cover or two. Definitely recommended.

A visit to the Occupy London Protest Site

On Sunday I decided to go on a long walk around the city of London to try and get my bearings. In the process, I happened across the Occupy London protest site outside the cathedral of St Paul’s. If I was to have believed what had been printed in certain sections of the press and reported through the BBC, I was expecting to find an obstructive, filthy camp full of abusive drunks. There were certainly a large number of tents but the site was tidy and as far as I could tell there were no problem with access. The protesters were also polite and answered my questions in a coherent manner. I have a great admiration for people who peacefully stand up for what they believe, even if I don’t always agree with their ideology. I believe that the long traditions of peaceful protest in this country should be celebrated rather than criminalised.