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Electric Unicycling Tricks – 10-Pass Piggy-in-the-Middle Penny Spin Boomerangs

This week’s video is of some ten pass piggy-in-the-middle penny spin boomerangs. I added them to the edit at double speed as they can be a little boring to watch at normal speed! If I could work out how to cut out the precession then this would be an amazing trick. Part of the problem is that the car-park is not completely flat, and the wheel is not centrally balanced. I have also included some better footage of normal piggy-in-the-middle penny spin boomerangs from Crystal Palace Park.

Electric Unicycling Tricks – Piggy-in-the-Middle Penny Spin Boomerangs, Self Sustaining Penny Spins

Two new tricks that I have filmed today, both of which are variations of the penny spin but this time I have deliberately made the wheel spin on an elliptical orbit. Under certain conditions, this sets off a self-sustaining spin.
The Piggy-in-the-middle penny spin boomerang requires the wheel to complete at least one orbit around the rider before the rider remounts.
The self-sustaining penny spin is just a less controlled version of the above – the wheel will continue to spin until it either hits something or the rider remounts!


Electric Unicycling Tricks – Crossover Returning Boomerang

Just a bit of electric unicycling fun from this morning’s practice session – an extension of the “returning boomerang” – where the rider takes the opposite path to the wheel with both the wheel and the rider returning to the start point at the same time. This tick could potentially be jazzed up by tumbling (somersaulting) around the circle, or perhaps performing it around something more interesting than a set of cones!

Electric Unicycling Returning Boomerang Step Off – Step On Trick

A quick film of the returning boomerang step off – step on trick.

Before learning this trick you should master the simple Step-off, Step-back-on Trick and it’s variations.

This trick needs a large flat surface – an empty basketball court is perfect.

Use of appropriate safety gear is recommended and you may also want to consider protection for your EUC, as it will most likely get scraped a few times during the learning process.

Start by going slowly and practice dismounting the wheel so that it’s continuing path is a uniform curve – this requires less speed than if you want the wheel to just run in a straight line. If the surface is flat and uniform it should be possible to make the wheel return to it’s launch spot (or very close to) where you will need to jump back on to the approaching wheel. There are various options for getting back on the wheel – you can stop the wheel dead or keep rolling backwards. Alternatively you can turn around letting the wheel come through your legs before jumping back on.

Electric Unicycling EUC Tricks and Filming Techniques

Just a short video of trying out some new trick filming ideas/techniques including:

Using a motorised slider rail (horizontal & vertical). This works really well for filming tricks as the movement of the camera is more pleasing to watch than static “CCTV” footage. Filmed during a lunchtime session, the building in the background is the Shard.

3 meter selfie pole – when spinning around fast it generates loads of wind resistance and makes a crazy noise.

I have also been trying some tricks in my Tron costume – I got buzzed by the met police helicopter last night which diverted its flight path to have a look ūüôā

Electric Unicycling Tricks – Chaining Practice @ Crystal Palace

A quick practice session video (on a rare break from the endless nappies and sleepless nights that come with a new baby)  РI have been working on chaining tricks together. Unfortunately this has a tendency to overheat the wheel, but is still great fun! Filmed in Crystal Palace Park in South London which will shortly have a new skate facility.