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SUP Armada 2015

Today I headed down to the Queen Mother Reservoir near Datchet to take part in the Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Armada. Getting there on the train with my iSUP was quite a lengthy process – from Selhurst to Clapham Junction (20 mins) and from Clapham Junction to Sunnymeads Station (50 mins) , followed by a 35 minute walk. After registering, I spent my time paddling around the impressive reservoir which sits right under the flight path of all of the planes landing at Heathrow, you also get a great view of Windsor Castle. The aim of the SUP Armada was to try and beat the world record for the most number of stand up paddle boarders paddling together down a 1 mile course whilst raising money for charity. The weather was absolutely perfect for paddleboarding in the morning, although the breeze had picked up by the afternoon. All in all I had a lovely time out on the water.


SUP Armada @ Queen Mother Reservior

Ravens Ait – Thames Ditton Island

Today I headed across to Surbiton for a quick paddle from Ravens Ait up and around Thames Ditton Island. There was a bit of a flow on the river so paddling upstream gave me a bit of a workout. The river looks beautiful at this time of the year, although the amount of rubbish in the river is rather shocking. In the evening we headed out to Thanh’s Bistro on Addiscombe Road in Croydon for some lovely Vietnamese food.

Paddleboarding Sunset

A beautiful Sunset

Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboarding Electric Pump

I purchased my iSUP board about a year ago and absolutely love paddleboarding! The iSUP concept has been perfect for my London lifestyle, where I have limited storage, and use public transport. My only issue has been the time it takes to pump the board to the required pressure using a hand pump – it was taking me about 40 minutes to get my board ready for use.

I did some research into electric pumps and after wasting £15 on a cheap “compressor” style pump which died halfway though the first trial inflation, I finally opted for the BRAVO 12V Air Pump Inflator BTP12. There are two versions of this (I opted for the digital version), both of which can be purchased from various sellers on E-bay and pumps up to 14.5PSI. Most other battery powered pumps available do not reach this pressure. I then purchased a 12V 8.5 Ah lead acid battery. A few trial inflations showed that the setup would work perfectly – the pump gets the board to the required pressure in under 4 minutes. Unable to take my new pump on to the water, I then purchased a 80L Pacsafe stuffsack. The stuffsack is contained within a wire bag which can be securely fastened to an immovable object. I now have a fast method to get the board ready, and somewhere secure the place the pump. This makes the after-work paddle much more feasible.

  • BRAVO 12V Air Pump Inflator BTP12 D
  • 12V 8.5 Ah lead acid battery (this fits inside the BRAVO bag)
  • Pacsafe 80L Stuffsack

Stand Up Paddle Boarding – Kingston to Hampton Court

Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

My Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

This was my first use of my new inflatable stand up paddle board which arrived a couple of weeks ago. On Saturday morning I took an early train to Surbiton before walking down to Kingston where I promptly set about inflating my paddle board. Inflating the board seemed to take ages but after 25 minutes the board was inflated to the correct PSI and I was ready to go. I chose this stretch of the river for a first run as it is non-tidal and is used by human powered craft.