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Light Painting Sash

This is a piece of wearable technology that I dreamt up on a cold and wet Saturday in February to use in my electric unicycling light painting projects. This project made use of my programming, electronics and sewing skills. The garment consists of a 144 individually addressable LED strip with a controller and 5 volt portable power source. The sash is designed to be worn over one shoulder.

The garment has been programmed with the following modes:

  1. Variable speed with automated hue cycling
  2. Variable speed with variable hue selection
  3. Variable speed with variable intensity
  4. Comet effect with variable speed and variable hue selection
  5. Rainbow comet effect with variable speed and variable hue selection
  6. Single position two LED effect with variable hue and variable positioning selection
  7. Single position two LED effect with automated hue cycling and variable positioning selection
  8. Twelve position two LED effect with automated hue cycling and variable positioning selection

The different modes are cycled though by pressing a momentary push to make switch. The speed, hue and positioning and intensity are controlled by two rotary potentiometers. The battery pack and pattern controller have reasonably long leads allowing them to be hidden away in pockets when riding the electric unicycle. The material in which the LED strip is housed was selected due to the way in which it diffuses the light.

A quick photograph as below – I’ll add some light painting images/video at a later date.

Light Painting Ring Sash

Light Painting Ring Sash

Ninebot One | London Southbank Light Painting

This evening I headed along South bank after work to have a go at light Painting with my Ninebot One, Tron costume and “Electric Styles” shoes. It was unfortunate that it had rained earlier as this made it too wet to try any spinning tricks. I am still a beginner with the light painting so was experimenting with different backgrounds, exposure durations as well as slow and rear curtain flash modes. I was really please with some of the photographs.

Ninebot One | Light Painting

Below are a few pictures from one of my first attempts at “light painting” with my Tron costume and Ninebot One electric unicycle.  I have added some LED trainers (from Electric Styles) and gloves to the outfit which provide some additional light sources and colour. I experimented with exposures of between 6 and 30 seconds and made use of the costume on/off switch with varying degrees of success. I was joined by a rather inquisitive fox who appeared to be fascinated by the lights – you can see her in the background of some of the images.

Folding Kayak Adventures Book

After seeing a reasonable Photobook deal on Groupon for a Printerpix photobook I decided to create a Photobook of last summer’s kayak trip from Penzance to Charmouth. I spent approximately 4 hours editing the photographs which were taken on a basic Olympus camera rather than with my SLR. Once I was happy with the photographs I uploaded them to the Printerpix website and spent another three hours creating the 40 page book with 135 of the photographs. This included converting my log into a day by day narrative of the trip. The book took a couple of weeks to arrive and I was very pleased with the results.

My Kayak Trip Photo Book

My Kayak Trip Photo Book

Folding Kayak Adventures: Penzance to Charmouth Photographs

Photographs from my 11 day adventure from Penzance to Charmouth in a Wayland folding kayak.

Penzance | Mullion Harbour | (Rounded the Lizard) | Coverack | Gorran Haven | Porlerro | Cawsands | Hope Cove | (Rounded Start Point) | Torcross | Teignmouth* | Budleigh Salterton | Beer* | Charmouth

For details of each individual leg of the trip please see the blog posts below. For information on resources used, please see my Penzance to Charmouth kayak trip page.

Spring 2010

A selection of photographs from the month of April 2010.