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Rock StrataToday I walked from Seaton to Charmouth, a total distance of Fourteen Kilometres. The first section took me through the beautiful undercliff reserve between Seaton and Lyme Regis. The undercliff features in several novels based on the area and is also famous for its extraordinary geological record. The Undercliff is teaming with wildlife although the ground can be slippery and muddy especially after rain. Lyme Regis was still quite busy with lots of older couples who have obviously waited for the summer rush to die down. I then walked along the beach between Lyme Regis and Charmouth at low tide to complete the walk. In all it took approximately two and a half hours.


Golden CapYesterday I walked down to Charmouth and spent several hours on the beach collecting a bucket full of fossils, mainly ammonites. As ususal, the further away from other people you go, the greater the number of fossils you can find. I handed my horde into the heritage centre as I didn’t fancy carrying them home. I also managed to get some lovely photographs of Golden Cap along the beach. This morning Molly and I went in search of the Lambert’s Castle Geocache which we located after a short search.


Candles on the CobbOn the 24th of August 2008 I attended the Candles on the Cobb charity fundraising event at Lyme Regis. The evening saw 5000 tea candles laid out along Cobb harbour walls in memory of people who had passed away. To protect the candles from the wind they were placed in empty upturned plastic pint glasses with the bottoms removed. After the usual obligatory drawn out thank you speeches the candles were lit just before sunset. The best view was from up in the gardens that over look the cobb although the street lights can be a bit of a pain when trying to take photographs. This year the weather was almost perfect and it is an event that I can thoroughly recommend. The next Candles on the Cobb will be held in 2010 and then in our Olympic year of 2012.

Life at the Beach: Sarina Beach Photographs

I arrived by kayak at Sarina Beach in the last few days of 2004. I planned to stay for a few days camping out the front of the Surf Club, made some friends and ended up staying for a few months. That however is another story 🙂

If you are ever in the area then head down to the surf club and pass on my regards to Chief.

Sarina Beach Map

Kayak Trip Photographs

The following photographs were taken during my 2004 solo kayaking trip down the east coast of Australia. Over the three months of October, November and December I made my way down the coast from Cairns, visiting as many beaches and islands as possible.

Jungle Fever – Trekking in the Wet Tropics

The following photographs were taken during my 2004 solo ten day trek which took me from Cairns to Gordonvale and up trhough the Goldsborough valley, back over the Bellenden Kerr range, up Mount Bartle Frere, back down on to the Atherton Tablelands, across and around Lake Tinaroo before finally crossing back over the Gillies range to Gordonvale. I had the most amazing experience witnessing some of the best sunrises and sunsets I have ever seen. This trip was in preparation for my Kaya Trip down the East coast of Australia.