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The legend of Robin Hood lives on

Major OakThis weekend I headed up to Loughborough to visit my friends Greg and Sophie who I have know from my time at university. Heading up on the train, I arrived into Loughborough at around 20:45 on Friday evening. Friday evening was spent eating, drinking and catching up. On Saturday we headed out into Sherwood Forest to the Sherwood Forest visitors centre where we paid homage to the legend of Robin Hood. A short walk to the Major Oak was interrupted by a heavy rain shower which drenched everyone. In the evening we ate at a Mexican Restaurant in Loughborough before heading towards the pubs and a club where we danced into the early hours to quite possibly the worlds worst DJ. I forget what his name was but it should have been DJ Rubbish. It was fun anyhow, and the drinking games certainly entertained. On Sunday we met up with Sally and James for Sunday lunch, before I headed back down to swindon in the late afternoon.


Rutland Water BluebellsThis weekend I headed up to Loughborough to visit some of my university friends. On Friday we went over to Rutland Water where we took a walk around part of the resivior before taking lunch at Noels pub restaraunt.

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