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Goodbye Joe Dryburgh

In the past few days we have been busy looking after Hayley and Keeley again. I have also been been helping Joe Dryburgh clear out his house at Sarina Beach. Joe has been living at¬†Sarina Beach for about seven years and has been a very interesting and inspirational person to know. Joe has travelled the world and has had many adventures and is never short of some wise words or a story. He’s moving down to Sydney. On Saturday night the locals bid Joe fell well at the Sarina Beach Surf Life Saving club – he will be missed in these parts. This next week I will be down in Canberra for the National Medicines Symposium and NPS Facilitators forum.

Joe Dryburgh Photographs

My Boating Accident

The following Photographs were taken in the days after my accident at Sarina Beach near Mackay.

In February 2005 I was staying at Sarina Beach down under in Queensland. I had spent the afternoon drinking down at Mackay Harbour with some friends. On returning to Sarina Beach I decided to join the boys on a midnight boat trip. We all piled into the tinny and headed out into the darkness. Unfortunately I decided to sit on the Bow of the boat wearing my headtorch with my feet dangling over the front. Due to being intoxicated I was pretty relaxed and was probably not holding on very tightly.

Heading out across the moonlit inlet we suddenly turned (for one reason or another) and hit a wave. I went flying out of the front of the boat, smacking my head on the boat, before having my knee, wrist and armpit mangled by the outboards propellor. The boat continued on before realising I had disappeared. Luckily my headtorch continued to shine and I was promptly pulled back in to the boat. Numbed with shock and too much Bunderberg rum, I thought I was fine, not aware of the blood pouring out from my knee, arm and armpit. We hastily headed back to shore and managed to get me a lift down to Sarina where I was stitched up by the on call doctor.

A couple of days later a large tiger shark was caught in the area, which also has the occasional visiting crocodile. It took a couple of months to get back in to the swing of things and I have never lived the incident down. Everyone in Sarina Beach remembers the day when the Pome was run over by the boat and I do enjoy telling the story of my fight with the ‘propadile’ and showing off my scars. I was extremely lucky to escape with relatively minor injuries; a timely reminder that boating and alcohol definately don’t mix.

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