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Day 11: Lynmouth to Minehead

After a good nights sleep on the beach at Lynmouth I set off for Minehead on the bottom of the tide.It took only twenty minutes to reach Foreland Point which was dead calm and offered no problems. I then continued along the beautiful coastline before arriving onto the steep pebble beach outside the harbour at Minehead.


SphereThis weekend I headed down to Taunton with my sister Rebekah, Tim and Tim’s father to enjoy a day out at the cricket. Somerset ended up losing to Sussex which was a shame but after a few beers I wasn’t too bothered anyway. I did manage to learn the words to possibly the simplist sporting chant ever, although with all that cider flowing I do understand why it has to be so simple! In the evening we headed back to Bristol where we enjoyed the sunset at Clifton suspension bridge. On Sunday we headed across to Bath where we made the most of the first proper day of English summer.