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A Real Winter Wonderland!

IciclesThe winter weather has reached Swindon with a genourous amount of snow covering the area – this wonderful spectacle can be witnessed right across the country and indeed from space. On Tuesday I enthusiastically came in to work an hour early to build a snowman (only to have it destroyed hours later due to ‘health and safety’ concerns) and on Wednesday lunchtime we had a Pharmacy department snowball fight (which I took as seriously as ever). On Thursday lunchtime I took a wander with my camera around the hospital grounds where I found some beautiful icicles.  Thursday evening I made the mistake of going out on a school night so was a little tired on Friday. I Love the Snow 🙂

ARIA Prescribing and Administration Goes Live at the GWH

Panasonic ToughbooksThis Week I have been really busy at work with the first phase of going live with electronic prescribing and administering of chemotherapy using the ARIA oncology information management system at the Great Western Hospital. This has followed the successful implementation of using the system for scheduling, which has been up and running for the past few weeks. The administration side of the process has been particularly interesting in that we are using Panasonic CF-H1 Toughbooks with touch screens to record administration of chemotherapy within the Day Therapy Unit. The next few weeks will continue to be busy as the system is rolled out further.

ARIA Oncology System Goes Live at GWH

AriaIt has been a busy week for me as the Great Western Hospital finally went live with the new Oncology patient management system which is supplied by Varian Medical Systems. The solution is being used by a number trusts across the Thames Valley Cancer Network including the John Radcliffe and Churchill Hospitals in Oxford and the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. To begin with it is just being used for scheduling patients but in a few weeks we will begin to use it for chemotherapy prescribing.  The system is incredibly powerful and should help improve cancer care within the network.