Folding Kayak Adventures: Cawsand to Hope Cove

Day 7: After a night of interruptions I headed back to the beach and got myself ready for the dash across Plymouth Sound. The original plan was to head directly out across to Plymouth Breakwater. HMS Diamond and a challenging head wind now stood in my way, so I opted to creep along the shoreline to Hooe Lake Point before dashing across to the Western end of the breakwater. Several military ships were operating on the leeside of the breakwater and it was only a few minutes before a submarine got underway – thankfully this time was nothing like my 2010 submarine encounter off Pladda Island in Scotland (During my Lands End – Inverness trip I had come within 50 meters of being run down by a nuclear powered submarine travelling at speed on the surface whilst paddling between Ailsa Craig and Arran).

I paddled along the Southern side of the breakwater to the eastern end where I waited patiently as HMS Portland was underway – I wasn’t too sure if the Royal Navy would appreciate seeing my Jolly Roger ensign flying over Plymouth Sound. I then sprinted across the channel to Bovisand pier before setting a new course, passing inside the Great Mew Stone. Because of the headwind I decided to hug the coastline where possible, thereby taking advantage of the limited shelter provided by the cliffs. The journey around Bigbury Bay was extremely enjoyable – the coastline is very attractive, as is the mouth or the river Erme. I passed on the outside of Burgh Island (famous for its hotel), before going close inshore at Thurlestone sands to inspect the natural arch in the bay. On arrival at Hope cove I pulled my kayak on to the beautiful beach at Outer Hope.

After enjoying some food and a beer at the Hope and Anchor pub I spent some time exploring the area and writing a few postcards. The highlight of the evening was watching a spectacular sunset from the beach – a wonderful finale to an awesome day.

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