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Folding Kayak Adventures: Coverack to Gorran Haven

Day 4:

I set off from Coverack at 6am, first heading for Lowland Point and then on to the Manacles – a group of rocks that have seen more than their fair share of shipwrecks over the centuries. On reaching the Manacles I set a NE course straight out across Famouth Bay for Dodman Point. The sea state was smooth as I paddled across the front of Carrick Roads. It took several hours to reach Dodman Point on which there is a large stone cross. About half way through the journey I desperately needed to pass urine, so quickly had to fashion a makeshift urinal using a plastic bottle. From Dodman Point I followed the coast line around Pen-a-maen Point and into Gorran Haven which is a charming mix between working harbour and tourist beach. I tried without luck to contact the harbour master before heading into the village for some lunch.

I spent the evening  looking out over the Gwineas rocks after a wonderful day out on the water.

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