Folding Kayak Adventures: Gorran Haven to Polperro

Day 5: Waiting for the tide to turn at Gorran Haven gave me a chance to enjoy a full English breakfast and catch up with the harbour master before heading out to the Gwineas rocks. I then set a ENE course for the small harbour at Polperro. If I had had time I would have liked to explore St Austell Bay but instead took the direct route across to Polperro which took me several NM offshore Рa thoroughly enjoyable paddle.

On reaching Polperro, I landed the kayak on to the beach just outside the harbour entrance and pulled my vessel far enough into the conveniently located smugglers cave so that she would be well above the high water mark. Because the beach was covered for three hours each side of high tide the boat would be safe from any interference during this time. I really enjoyed exploring the narrow streets of Polperro, even more so once I had managed to wash out the sun spray that I had accidently sprayed into my left eye during the crossing from Gorran Haven. This meant checking into a hotel for the first and only time on the trip, which also gave me a chance to recharge my phone and camera batteries. After visiting the Polperro museum to learn about the area’s rich smuggling history, I visited a few taverns including the “Blue Peter” and the “Ship Inn” where I enjoyed some real ale and live Jazz. In the evening I treated myself to a steak at Nelson’s restaurant after yet another fantastic day.

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