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Folding Kayak Adventures: Hope Cove to Torcross

Day 8: Heading down to the kayak in the morning, I quickly got underway and around Bolt Tail before making my way along the coast towards Bolt Head. The 2NM between Bolt Tail and Bolt Head were windward although I was in awe of the cliffs. On rounding Bolt Head I encountered some interesting currents which I worked my way through before heading a little way into Kingsbridge Estuary, stopping at South Sands for breakfast. The ebb tide was kicking in so I decided to make my way out of the mouth of the estuary and head further East before tucking into the cove behind Gammon Head and await a favourable tide to round Prawle and Start Points. The beach at Elender Cove is truly spectacular and was an enjoyable place to wait for the tide. I did manage to drag myself away from the beach and up to the lookout station where I checked for weather updates and  a good view of the sea state off Prawle Point. It was certainly windy up at the lookout station!

After 5 hours of sitting tight, I headed out towards Prawle Point. Just before reaching the point I took a look at the remains of two recent shipwrecks which were rusting away on the rocks, one of which was “The Demetrios” which wrecked here in 1992. I kept close to the shore, just far enough off to avoid the reefs as I passed through Lannacombe Bay before taking a leeward course past Great Sleadon Rock. Heading towards Start Point I could see the Race working around the Point. On arrival at Start Point I briefly joined the race, surfing my way down the flue waves that the race generates before breaking out to head around the corner towards Hallsands. The expected back eddy appeared and pulled me around to Hallsands, as it did so I passed the “Lost Village”. From Hallsands, it was a further 1NM NNE to Torcross where I landed through a small dumping wave onto the steep shingle beach.

After pulling the kayak up the beach I headed along the seafront in search of a feed.

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