Folding Kayak Adventures: Mullion Cove to Coverack

Day 3: After spending a beautiful night up on the headland above Mullion Cove, I headed down to the harbour in preparation for the next leg of my trip which would take me around Lizard Point – notorious for its challenging seas and shipwrecks. My plan was to reach the Lizard at slack water, then go out wide into the race and away from the danger of the rocks. I launched into Mullion Harbour at around 11am and made my way through the inside passage between Mullion Island and the mainland. On leaving the lee of the island the ground swell was noticeable, so I kept a comfortable distance away from the cliffs which are truly spectacular along this section of coastline (as is the noise of the waves smashing against them).  On reaching Rill Point, I looked right for any signs of the Boa race which forms off shore.

As planned, I reached the Lizard at slack water, making sure that I stayed at least 0.5NM South of the outermost charted rock. The race was barely perceptible in the conditions. Once I had made it around to the Eastern side of the Lizard the groundswell disappeared completely. Continuing East, I passed under Bass point where there sits a lookout station and the famous Llloyd’s Signal House. Further around I could see the Kilcobben Lifeboat Station which replaced the original at Polpear Cove. I continued onwards past Black Head, Chynhalls Point and finally Dollar Point before landing inside the tiny harbour at Coverack. A well earned pint awaited in the Paris Hotel followed by fish and chips from the Old Lifeboat Station. The remainder of the afternoon was spent studying the history of the old Coverack lifeboat.

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