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Folding Kayak Adventures: Polperro to Cawsand

Day 6: I awoke a little later than previous mornings having had a nice comfortable bed to sleep in. After checking that my kayak was still in order I returned to the hotel to enjoy a full English breakfast and a chat with some of the other residents. After checking out, I set an Easterly course along the coast towards Rame Head which took me past Looe Island. The range at Tregantle was in use so I made sure that I was far enough out to sea so as to avoid the “danger area”, although I could still hear the shooting at 2NM out to sea. After several hours of paddling I rounded Rame Head before heading towards Penlee Point. Between the two headlands I encountered a welcome area of relatively rough water which was to be expected, given the state of the tide and wind. From Penlee Point I headed into Cawsand Bay and landed on Cawsand Beach.

After completing the necessary paperwork to leave my kayak on Cawsand Beach I had an interesting chat with a fellow sea kayaker who had paddled around Great Britain way back in 1972. I spent the late afternoon relaxing on the beach watching the various types of pleasure, commercial and military craft moving in and out of Plymouth Sound. Later on in the evening HMS Diamond, one of the Royal Navy’s new type 45 destroyers anchored in Cawsand Bay. I spent the night in a nearby woodland where I was rudely awakened firstly by a group of noisy drunken teenagers (who had no idea I was there) and then by a group of large unknown animals who swiftly ran off after I made several growl-like noises to frighten them away. Thankfully, there were no further interruptions for the remainder of the night.

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