Folding Kayak Adventures: Torcross to Budeligh Salterton

Day 10:

Finding myself a awake at least an hour before sunrise I was pleased to observe that the wind had dropped off completely and the waves were no longer dumping on the beach. So I packed up quickly and made a quick exit from the beach, paddling into a breaking dawn. Sunrise approached as I reached the mouth of the Dart and I was treated to a beautiful head on sunrise. The wind soon picked up, although it dropped off again after a few hours.

After paddling across the mouth of the Dart I made my way around the headlands surrounding Brixham before reaching Berry Head from where I set a Northerly course across Tor Bay for Hope’s Nose on the other side at Torquay. A large vessel looked rather out of place anchored up in the bay. On reaching Hope’s Nose I followed the coast to Teignmouth, arriving at the turn of the tide. I had to put a bit of effort into paddling up into Teignmouth as the tide was just starting to ebb. I landed on the inner side of the point from where I headed off on foot in search of breakfast. For some reason the harbour was completely covered in a diesel-like substance. After a couple of hours I decided to head out on the full flowing ebb tide so I made a reconnaissance trip to view the conditions on Teignmouth Bar. The tide was running out at a rate of around 5Kn into a turbulent area of water on the bar. I decided my best bet was to enter the flow and then break out into the slack water on the starboard side, paddle out to sea and then cross the bar beyond the most turbulent area. I completed this set of manoeuvres flawlessly and was soon on my way on a course for the small coastal town of Budleigh Salterton. I deliberately kept away from the coast to ensure that I would avoid any waves breaking on the bar at Exmouth.

On arrival at Budleigh Salterton I paddled to the mouth of the River Otter where the beach is less steep and better protected from any Easterly swell. I then headed into town to purchase some provisions. In total I paddled around 32NM for the day which I was pleased with given the conditions.

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